Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Internet connection... we are about to fight!!

So last night I raced home from the office ready to try out the new T25 workout my sister had wrangled me in to doing with her.  I was excited!
We decided over the weekend (over a few glasses of wine and some to-die-for appetizers at California Pizza Kitchen) that we would do the workout at the same time and keep each other on track.  I would consider myself an "in-shape" person, but to be honest, I have the upper arm strength of a baby bird.  I was ready to start a new workout routine and get in shape.
My sister had texted me during the day to let me know that she rocked the cool down portion of the work-out but the first part was rough. 
My sister had sent the file to me over google drive (greatest invention, by the way) and all I had to do was download the file when I got home.  But oh no, my little sad excuse for an internet connection decided instead of a workout I would get a lesson in patience. 
Long story short, after an attempt to drive-up the road to get a better cell signal to download the workout onto my phone (I was pretty pathetic at this point), I gave up on downloading my workout and went to bed with my sad little baby bird arms.
We have been using the Verizon Jetpack but our cell signal has gone to crap in our country spot recently and I feel like I am cut off from the world (a bit dramatic I know... but it's rough). 
Thankfully today I have downloaded all the work outs and am ready for a two-fer tonight to catch-up.
So now I ask, does anyone else have connection issues in rural spots?  What has been your solution? 

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  1. I saw a commercial for his new work and have been dying to hear if someone has done it!! Looking forward to hearing about your results!!