Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap Birthday Edition!

I kicked off my birthday weekend enjoying pizaa on the couch watching Halloween movies with Brandon.  With no neighbors nearby (unless you count the deer) we don't get any trick-or-treaters. 

no little kiddos wanna make the long hike up the driveway...

Saturday, I froze my buns off on the sidelines of my oldest nephews soccer game, cheering on the kids for their last game of the season.  
Then I had a little happy birthday to me moment and went to mall to add some new clothes to our closet.  I forgot how much I dislike in-store shopping... I mean the parking, the crowds, the taking clothes on and off... but I am glad I went since some great pieces I saw online fit much differently then I expected.  I scored some amazing deals and can't wait to put some new outfits together.
My sister treated me to dinner and some Anthropolgie shopping at the new store in Virginia Beach that just opened.  The shop is amazing and full of incredible pieces, including a spoon rest and ring dish that have a new home in our kitchen!
I want all the mugs!!!
Sunday was spent with my family and Brandon at my parent's for brunch.  The award for greatest brunch contribution goes to my brother, Mark, and his pinterest-worthy fruit salad grill! 
After a delicious brunch we headed over a local brewery.  We took over the tiny shop with all of us there, but it reminded me how lucky I am to have such an amazing family.
if you live in Virginia Beach be sure to check out Beach Brewery near Oceana Naval Base... great staff and good drinks!


everyone but my brother-in-law and nephews
Brandon and I then headed back home, stopped by a friends house and then finally made it to the house to enjoy the last few minutes of the weekend together.
How was your weekend?!  Did you enjoy the extra hour or has it now thrown off your entire sleep schedule like me?
{carried my camera around all weekend and only used the iPhone... way to go me!} 

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