Thursday, November 6, 2014

Best Girl's Night Outting

A few months back my old college roommate was getting a bit stressed as her wedding day drew near.  She was finishing her masters, working full time and planning for the big day, with her and her fiancé doing all the hard work.  My college friend Heather and I knew Katey needed a little girl time so we made a plan.  Heather drove down from PA and I drove up and we met Katey in Alexandria to do our bridesmaid duty of doting on the bride-to-be.
Heather and I decided we needed to plan something fun to do to get Katey out of the house and away from wedding prepping and in our search stumbled upon ArtJamz in Washington, DC.  It sounded perfect.  We could make reservations ahead of time (which seems key for any activity in the city) and show up for an hour of open paint time. 
How ArtJamz works is they are an open paint studio.  You purchase a package, which includes a canvas and a drink to start (wine/alcohol/beer).  The small 2-story storefront has easels set up along the walls and you pick your space.  You then have free reign over a wide selection of paints, tools, scraps, stencils and more.  The music playing through the speakers sets the perfect mood for a great time.  I also have to say how amazing and friendly the staff was.
Now, the three of us will never quit our day jobs but we had so much fun sipping wine, attempting to paint and laughing hysterically at our lack of skills. 

It was the perfect cure for all of us!  It wasn't just another night of sitting around chatting (which we can totally do that for hours too) but had us all out of our comfort zones in the most fun way possible. 
We most definitely recommend checking out ArtJamz or other paint studios like it!  Have you ever gone to a paint party? 

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