Thursday, November 20, 2014

DIY Jewelry Organizer

I have been searching for a new way to hang my long necklaces so they are easy to see and quick to put away.  I went to the DIY heaven that is Pinterest and pulled together a few different ideas and came up with the perfect solution.
After switching a majority of our clothing hangers over to the slimmer velvet hangers we had a plethora of old wooden hangers laying around so I grabbed one.  To recreate, any thicker wooden hanger will work.
You will also need small ceiling hooks from the local hardware shop.  I grabbed two packs of 10 for the jewelry hanger and made sure they could handle 5 pounds (I don't have any crazy heavy necklaces but figured better to be safe). 
I measured out the spacing to fit 10 hooks per side and Brandon helped by hammering a starter hole at each mark that I then twisted the ceiling hooks into.  I made sure that all the hook openings faced the same way.
This ended up being an incredibly easy project so I looked around to see where else we could use the old hangers and found a way to store Brandon's belts.
I used slightly larger ceiling hooks and followed the same process but for the belt hanger, which would be hanging with the clothes and not against the wall like I plan for the jewelry organizer, I had the ceiling hooks facing  alternating directions so the thicker buckles of the belts would fit.
I am loving how functional these organizers are.  They have already been put to use but I am starting to think a little fresh paint may jazz up the jewelry organizer and make it a bit more girly!

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