Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Back to Monday!  We had a great weekend over here and I am sad, as always, that we have to wait five more days to get to do it all again.
Saturday while Brandon was working I met my sister for a lunch date at Mermaid's Winery in Norfolk.  We first tried this place for Beth's birthday last year and loved it.  We had been waiting for a great weather weekend to try it again.  Unfortunately the patio had been closed for the season, but we enjoyed ourselves just as much inside. 

Can we talk about how much I am loving this fall weather!  The perfect temps for putting together some of my favorite layering outfits.
 I had an epiphany moment over my Saturday morning coffee of how I wanted to lay out our office and after talking it through with my sister, I was excited to head back home to sketch out my space plans, 
Sunday started with cinnamon roles and lots of coffee before we drove to World Market to pick up my birthday desk (thanks honey)!  Brandon would have put a pair of horse blinders on me if he could as we walked into that amazing store.  He had to steer me straight to the register as I started to wander.  It was my first time inside and I have already planned my trip back to check it all out!
I have to say, the Josephine Desk may be the simplest piece of furniture to put together and I did it all by myself!  It is gorgeous!
Three pieces and the same tool I use to use to replace my rollerskate wheels... that's my kind of construction work!
My in-laws invited us over for dinner and we ended our weekend enjoying some homemade pie!
How was your weekend?  What has been your favorite furniture finds lately?

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