Friday, November 7, 2014

The Funk

*Knock on wood people!* I may very well be out of the funk that has been the end of summer/start of fall for me!
Do you ever feel that can't quite win feeling?  Well I see light at the end of the tunnel and it may very well be a beautiful fall.
We are finally starting to feel settled in our house.  The 'can't function well without' essentials have been purchased (who knew how much you would miss a trash can in the kitchen...) and we have plans for the extra spaces.  Everyone has said it will be an ongoing. never-ending project, but oh how I wanted it all to be so perfect as soon as we moved in.  As I learn to love the process, we will spend the weekend cleaning out the garage (so my car can finally fit in) and put together the office.
I have finally gotten my lazy bum back in the gym and oh it feels so good!  I have a degree in exercise and work next to a fitness center...  it is a bit sad how long it has been since my yoga pants saw any more activity than walking to the kitchen to grab the oreos!)

And all work fronts are looking pretty darn great!
Now on to start a great weekend!! Happy Friday!

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