Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October's to-dos!

Happy 1st of October! 
desktop calendar anyone?
It appears that October may be the most loved month of the year based on all the loving it's getting on Instagram!  So I thought in honor of this loveable month I would start it off with a little to-do/want to-do/need to-do list!
October list:
  • blog more often (it is such a fun, amazing hobby and I want some fun this month!)
  • devote more of myself to Simply Style Boutique (wedding is over people, be on the look out for some fun collaborations and new items)
  • cook a huge batch of chili for the first Saturday of hunting season (it's a national holiday in our home
  • have a bonfire with the hubs (he has been working hard on a landscaping job and all the kindle is building up in the side yard... smore time)
  • organize my overwhelmingly large amount of boxes in my parent's attic (I am married now and my dad want's it outta there... so sweet of him, right?!)
  • book our after-wedding couple shoot (another shoot with our amazing photographer!)
  • organize my new office space at work
  • train myself to stop hitting snooze and have at least one productive morning before the end of the month
  • learn at least one new feature on photoshop (I need to learn about one billion, so one should be a good start)
  • figure out a way to get internet at the house (Starbucks may make me pay rent if we don't remedy this problem soon)
  • have at least one whole dug in the ground for our new house (post about this coming soon... building our own home may be the death of me!!)
  • go to a pumpkin patch (this will have to wait till a Sunday if I expect Brandon to join, hunting season starts Saturday and tree stand beats pumpkin patch every time)
  • plan and book one fun trip to take before summer
What goes on your to-do list?  Any need to-do's that I am missing?!

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