Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! 
I am definitely looking forward to a relaxing weekend, which are few and far between in the foreseeable future!
Happiness this weekend starts by catching up with the lovely ladies behind Five on Friday!
 Read along and link-up with your own.
Working for the City definitely has its perks when it comes to federal holidays, I am looking at you Columbus Day!  The gorgeous day was spent with my sister and littlest nephew at the Norfolk Zoo.

Little man made it a good hour and a half before he decided that "we go home" and then he bee-lined it for the exit and was asleep before we left Norfolk.
Had a little too much fun shopping on Saturday.  I picked up my wedding ring... finally (I have been wearing a temporary one from the jeweler since our wedding).  So as a treat to myself, I perused through New York and Company and made a killing with a coupon and reward dollars! Definitely stocked up on some amazing new fall pieces!
oh, and then I had a successful shopping trip at Target. (yea, my wallet will be welded shut by my husband in no time.) But I mean I am talking $20 king size sheets sets kind of successful.  It was a good day!
This was part of the target trip, but deserves it's own excitement... hello gorgeous!
Found one of these on a shelf, tucked behind some other bags!  Even had the choice between the taupe and black.  The taupe bag has a new happy home with me!
Looking forward to lunch plans with this pretty lady tomorrow! 
Can't wait to catch up with her and hear about her little one's Halloween costumes!
How was your week?!


  1. hilariously cute pic of your newphew!! and SCORE on the beautiful bag..LOVE! happy friday!

  2. 20$ for king sheets? SUCH a deal!!

  3. That bag is gorgeous. I'm dying for a new bag...