Thursday, October 24, 2013

Riding in Cars with Dogs

Brandon and I decided to take Hunter with us when we went to stay with my parents last week.  He would only be staying Friday night to Saturday, but obviously the idea of getting out of his own house was an awesome idea to him!
"Idea" being the key term here!
Brandon was still at work when I got Hunter in the car on Friday, which meant a car ride with just me and the pup!  He got in the car as soon as I opened the door and put his toy box in. (he is a big fan of his toys, so we don't travel without them).
Well we were barely out of the driveway when I quickly remembered, that while Hunter loves to ride in the car with Brandon and I, he loathes riding in the car sans Brandon.
And the crying and pacing began.
Things I learned while riding with my backseat co-pilot, Hunter:
i. he hates on-ramps, random I know, but homeboy freaked out every time we started to make the turn.  I never realized how many on-ramps there truly are between our house and my parents.
ii. Hunter has a 'car ride only' allergy to air.  the poor guy loves to stick his head out the window.  Every time he did though, a 30 second sneeze-fest followed.
iii. lastly, our fur-monster has no ability to sit still for more than 2 seconds, it was up - down - up - down and drove me bonkers!!  It was a very long hour and fifteen minute drive.
When the car ride was done, poor Hunter looked desperately for Brandon to waiting for him at my parents.  The hour more he had to wait killed him a little inside.  When that husband of mine walked through the door, that dog's life was complete!!
and you better believe he rode home with Brandon!
side note -  Hunter is a big toy fan, not only his, but every dog's around him.  my parent's dog Zoey lost one awesome bone to the jaws of Hunter (Hunter was sweet enough to leave a thank you note for letting him stay and a new bone for her though!)
Thanks mom and dad! :)

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