Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday

Five on Friday
link up with the lovely ladies and share your weeks up and downs!
{1.} This rain... not a fan! I know it is needed and all, but the road home on Thursday was flooded! :(  I am going to play a sad little song for myself over here...
{2.} High Five for Federal Holidays and working for the City! Woo hoo  My plans, if this rain ever stops, is to take my little nephew to the local farm for some apple pie and a petting zoo on Monday.  Thanks Chris C!
Photos of Hunt Club Farm, Virginia Beach
{3.} Loving mini bottles of wine!  These are perfect for those nights where downing the bottle by yourself just wouldn't make for a classy next day at work. I enjoyed myself a little fun-sized treat on Tuesday evening.

My set-up did not look nearly as classy... not even close!

{4.} Hurricane Emily was at it again (this is my brother's nick-name for me... apparently I am a bit of a disaster, I am sure he means it in the nicest way possible) on Tuesday.  Bambi took on a suicide mission and ran head first into the side of my car on my drive home from work, so not really my fault, but of course that would happen to me.  Thankfully not a signal sign of the "incident" on my car, and when I stopped to check on the little guy, he was nowhere to be found.
{5.} A few group messages, a dozen e-mails and 4 different proposed dates later, my girlfriends from college have a scheduled "Girls Weekend"!  Next month's DC meet-up can't come soon enough! :)
"The girls" (minus Jean) last December!    And why yes, my bag is the size of a small child! 
Happy Friday ladies!  Celebrate with a baby wine bottle, or two!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm a big fan of the baby wine bottles as well!

  2. i love girls weekends!! such a fun trip you have planned!

  3. hey girlie!!! found you on the linkup...pumped to be a new follower. yay!! bottles of wind plus cutecuteCUTE straws?! aaaaa! love it. i want to incorporate this into my sister's upcoming wedding festivities...whether it's a shower or bachelorette weekend. brilliant!

    looking forward to following along, love!

  4. oh! and you can find me here!! :)

    happy weekend, girlie!!!

  5. Omg, I Loveeee those little wine bottles with the straws. Talk about cute!

    Add to my options for my thanksgiving bar setup :)

    Happy to be your newest follower!