Thursday, October 10, 2013

My New Addiction

I think Netflix needs to post some kind of warning label, like cigarettes has the skull and crossbones, that says "please be prepared to waste whole afternoons and be extremely unproductive".  It would only be fair.
My recent new show on Netflix has been "Pretty Little Liars", I know, I know, only a million years late on this one. 

But as I have wasted away afternoons when I was supposed to be cleaning but ended up holding the cleaning towel and sprawled in front of my little ole' computer screen, I have a few unanswered questions about those little hotty toddys that live in this quaint little murderous town.
1. What time do these girls go to school?!  This one has bothered me the most!  I mean, my high school started at 7:25 am.  But these girls are primped and dressed and meeting for coffee before class starts!  They would have to be meeting at this coffee spot at like 6 am, right?  This seems outrageous to me!  I never looked that good for school and I wasn't hitting the "brew" before class!
2. Why do they drink so much coffee?  I mean who are these parents that trained their kids at 15 to chug so many lattes?
3. This may be a self-reflective one for me, but man I really didn't try as hard as I should to look better in high school.  I mean, most of my outfits involved jeans and my favorite pair of white clean reeboks! (I like to think I just didn't hit my prime in high school, which is fine by me)
4. Speaking of primes, if these girls are hitting their prime in high school, what does the college years hold for them. {and can we expect a "College Years" edition like Saved By the Bell?!}
5. Why is no one's parents around... ever.  I mean I am pretty sure if I had been under suspicion of murder and had almost been murdered on more than one occasion, my parents would have a little more of a watchful eye.
6. A teacher and a student is a crime.  Being in my mid-twenties, thinking someone my age would date a high schooler is pretty weird.  I mean, they slightly touch on the weirdness of this, but Mr. Fitz starts macking on the lovely Aria when she is 15... creeper status!! (though secretly I want them to last forever)
7. Speaking of creepy, there are a large amount of grown adult on high schooler relationships (I am looking at you Dr. Wren and Detective Wilden)
Besides the other million unanswered questions involving the plot, these are my random musings while watching this teenie-bopper obsession of mine!
Have you seen this show?  What are your random thoughts?!

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  1. I love this! I hadn't thought about all of those, but definitely some of them... Aria and Mr. Fitz... kinda gross. But I love them.