Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting Down to Business

I was talking with my best friend about blogging recently.  About why I wanted to do it, what I loved about other blogs I read, what my focus would be ... and the real part I struggled with would what would be my focus (let's be honest, that is probably my struggle everyday!).
So then the amazing blogger Jenni over at Story of my Life put out a challenge, blog everyday for all of May!  Now at first this seemed like a huge undertaking, and I am sure it will be, but home girl went above and beyond and put topics for each day of the challenge.
That I can do!  I am the first to admit I am a terrible "writer", as in there are run on sentences, grammatical errors galore, and my spelling is atrocious, but I sure to love to write my mind.  TO really put pen to paper and just put my thoughts out there! 
My goal in this challenge is that I find my true voice for this little blog here and find a good jumping point to venture from!
So with high hopes that this will give my little blogger heart the push it needs to find myself in the little spot on the web, I invite you all to join too!

she even made a little button for it too!

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