Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter recap... {yea, I am a little behind}

So let’s recap a little from the past few weeks happenings, starting with Easter..

In the morning I met with an old high school friend who was home visiting her parent’s for the holiday weekend.  She went away to college in New York City and we hadn’t been able to meet up when she was in town for years.  It was such a great time to catch up over breakfast, and so bitter sweet to think of all the great memories from growing up together.

Brandon had to work on Easter Sunday, so I decided to earn some brownie points and bring him and the guys cupcakes.  Since all the family was coming over later that day I talked with my sister, picked my seven year-old nephew up and took him along for the trip.  Let me just say that Brandon may have won the title of favorite Uncle (a title that has always been held but my little brother, Ben) when Gabriel got to the fire station!  Brandon could not have been sweeter letting Gabriel try on the helmets, look inside the ambulance and sit in the front seat of the fire engine!  The greatest quote of the day was when Gabriel and I got in the car to head to dinner and I asked if he thought it was cool, his reply was “That wasn’t cool Aunt Emily… it was AWESOME!”

love this picture

And from there we, headed to my parent’s house for Easter dinner with all the family.  
To explain the next photo, I have to preface with the fact that my mother does a lot of volunteer work with the Spouse’s Club at the Naval Hospital and one of their activities is to host a Easter Egg Hunt every year.  One year, they decided to purchase a bunny suit, and since they had no one where to store it at the hospital, it lives in my parents attic.  So every year on Easter, one of my brothers dresses in the bunny suit to deliver the Easter baskets from my parents to my nephews.

doesn't everyone have a 6 foot bunny in their living room
Now Gabriel has always been a fan.  He is seven, and while he now realizes that it is just one of his uncles in the suit, he still believes there is an Easter Bunny (but he is far too busy Easter day to be able to make appearances at everyone’s house… duh!) Jack, the two year-old,  however… Terrified!!  Cries uncontrollably when the 6 foot 4 ‘rabbit’, as he calls him, walks into the room.  He would only sit for a picture on someone else’s lap, not next to the bunny.

dress and accessories - Simply Style Boutique
Dad put the suit on for a picture with all the kids! {we asked if this could be used for the family Chrismas card... mom veto'd that idea}

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying food and drinks with everyone!  A busy, but perfect day!


  1. Loving the Easter Bunny! Too funny. :)

  2. the story about the easter bunny suit is too cute!! it would definitely need to make an easter appearance if it is stored up in your parents attic!