Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Recap Link-Up

 … and we are back at Monday.  But a little Weekend Recap with Sami’s Shenanigan’s always makes this morning a little bit better.

So Friday was an uneventful weekend, Brandon and I were both exhausted, so we lunged on the couch, looked over a few house plans and then called it a night!

Saturday morning, Brandon went to work and I headed to my sister’s house to begin our mixed day of work and wedding planning.  We hit the stores first to find my bridesmaid dresses. (I know I am behind on this to-do on the wedding list, but I just hadn’t seemed to find, or describe, what I was looking for.)  I think we found the one, my sister looked amazing in the dress, the color was perfect for what I was looking for and the price was reasonable.  We bought my sister’s dress, after verifying the return policy, and are going to get a few more pictures of it and send it to the other bridesmaid’s to get their thoughts!  So after our shopping success we celebrated with a glass of wine over lunch!
Then it was back to my sister’s house to work on set up for an upcoming expo we are representing the Boutique at!  This will be the first public event for Simply Style Boutique and we are eager to see how it goes! 

Fun evening of clothes tagging...
Late Saturday night Brandon and I finally completed our pre-marital personal surveys.  It is a requirement for us to be married in the Catholic church and as daunting as the 164 pesonal questions were, it definitely had has talking, and laughing, over them and our answers when we were done!  (Has anyone else had to do pre-marital quizes prior to their session with the priest or minisiter?)

Sunday, which turned out to be an amazingly perfect weather day, Brandon and I drove down to Northwest River Park for our friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party.  We were outside at the park for hours and it was such a great time. 

this was the view on the drive to the park

Carlee loves Mr. Brandon

this is her "excited" face!

just hanging with her new best friend...
{I am starting to use Brandon to take my outfit pictures, but apparently the two us need some work on our photography/modeling skills!  But I have to say I love that he tries}
(top and necklace -, pants - New York and Co.)

To end our weekend, we headed to the Verizon store to pick up Brandon’s new toy, the Samsung Galaxy tablet.  It will definitly take some time to learn all the fetuares, but after playing with it for a few minutes, I am kinding of hoping we head back to the store soon and pick me up one too!
(though I am still back and forth between wanting to get a tablet  vs. an iPad, which ones do you guys use?)

 It was definitely a great weekend and it makes it hard to be back at Monday again, but this gives us a whole week to prep for the Boutique’s big show!   

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  1. I am loving that necklace! Looks like you had a great weekend!