Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Weekend Update

We are so close to Christmas morning I can smell it... literally, there is baking going on around here non-stop!
I was so looking forward to this weekend for a few weeks now.  My sister’s 36th birthday was last week so I had told her to clear here Saturday schedule because I was taking her out for the day. 
We started with our usual sister date of mani/pedis but instead of going to our usual pub for beers we picked up my younger brother and went out to a new winery they had built in town.  It was amazing, and the weather was to die for, so of course we had to eat on the patio.  Mermaid’s Winery (on West 22nd in Norfolk) had a long list of wine flights to choose from that came out to your table in perfect little wine trees.  We each tried two different wine flight pairings and shared a little cheese and cracker spread.  We ranked our wines then headed to Total Wine to pick up some of our favorites.  We also stopped in at my brother’s gelato shop to grab a quick dessert.  A perfect Saturday!

My baby brother posing as a wine snob.  He described one wine as tasting too "wine-y", he might need to stick to beer!
Sunday was spent wrapping all our Christmas presents, which I am proud to say are all ready for Christmas morning!   Brandon wanted to get one of his co-workers monogrammed towels for the firehouse, so I finally got a chance to work on those too.  My mom has a pretty sweet sewing machine that can do 100 times more than she has ever gotten around to trying, so my Sunday mission was to figure out the embroidery piece.  Not to toot my own horn, but they turned out pretty great!  (and I now plan to monogram all the towels we received as wedding present, I’ve got big plans for that little machine!)
I thankfully have this whole week off to celebrate the holidays and visit all my friends who are coming back home!  Yayy for vacay!
{and I have also started my closet cleanout mission today… I even started a goodwill pile as I was organizing my clothes.  I am excited to slim down my wardrobe}

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