Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Catch-up!

Holiday Season is in full swing!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!  I traveled up with my family to Pennsylvania as usual this year.  We spent Tuesday through Saturday with my parent’s families (having parents who are high school sweet hearts makes it easy to visit all the family in one trip!)

I could go on for hours about my love for Pennsylvania (and the people in it!), but instead I’ll let just do a picture dump of my week!

My beautiful Grandmother (aka – Nanie)!

In Virginia, you can walk into a Farm Fresh and grab a six-pack of beer.  In Pennsylvania, you buy it by the case from the beer distributors (at this local shop I met some of the nicest people ever… who said northerners were rude?!)

Victory Lager.... my favorite!  A case of these came home with me!

Enjoyed some Victory from the local Brewery in Downingtown (I am obsessed with this place and their beers on tap!)

We checked out a local antique shop where I snagged a sweet hard shell travel case!  Can’t wait to use it in the new house!

my little brother needs a puppy!!

Got to meet my cousin’s new fur-baby, Paisley!  She was a big hit with everyone!

Helped Nanie set the plates for Thanksgiving with my mom’s side. (Small table this year since my aunt and uncle are off vacationing on a cruise)  These plates have been at my Nanie’s house for decades!  They always brought up so many great childhood memories.  After each of her grandchildren talked about wanting her set one day, she went out and found all the pieces to make us each our own sets to have!  I mean, that little spitfire Italian lady was determined!

Charades has become the family tradition after dinner with my dad’s family!  The uncles start to get a bit competitive!

Drove through the mountains!  Downingtown, PA is breathtakingly picturesque (though I may be biased!)

Last stop before home, we took Nanie to the Brandywine River Museum.  They were decorating for Christmas and had some amazing ornaments made from all natural items found in the Brandywine River Valley.  Also had a full size train exhibit and dollhouse showcase!  She seemed to have a great time and I loved her stories as we passed all the old dolls!

Sadly it’s time to be back home and to get back to the real world of meetings and deadlines.  No more late night games of “Things” over beers with the cousins.
How was your Thanksgiving Holiday?!
{Gotta love my quality iPhone pictures… and I had my DSLR in my bag the whole time!  My new year’s resolution may be to use it more!}


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