Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Day Prep

Going through almost 900 wedding photos makes it near impossible to pick just a few of your favorites.  This wedding Wednesday I am photo dumping just a few of our morning of wedding prep! 
Our wedding day may be one of my most favorite days on record!  To spend the morning with all your closest girlfriends and getting pampered to walk down the isle to your soon to be husband… it makes for a pretty great day!
Both Brandon and I spent the night before our wedding in the hotel of our reception, in separate rooms, of course.  I had a girl’s night with some of my bridesmaids and he had boy’s night with the groomsmen.  We all woke up early, popped champagne to start a perfect day and got ready in our prospective suites.

me and my ladies in our monogrammed dressing shirts!

My beautiful sister getting primped

Almost time to get dressed

My mom helping with the last touches

Putting on my Wedding Day gift earrings from Brandon!

dressed and ready!
I may be biased... but he is a hunk!

boys will be boys! {one of my favorites of the boys!}
The boys headed out first and ffter we were all dressed and ready in was our turn in the stretch limo to head tothe chapel!!

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  1. YAYYYY! These are amazing and you look STUNNING. So happy you posted these!