Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Showers and Parties

I figured it’s time to start the wedding recap as the honeymoon phase ends and I am washing the hubs dirty laundry!!
My sister (who served as maid-of-honor) and mother threw two bridal showers for me!  The first in Pennsylvania so my grandmother and aunts could all join, and one in Virginia Beach, with all my close friends and Brandon’s family as well!
My PA shower was held at a local café in my families hometown where we had the whole backroom to ourselves!  We ate some delicious lunch and cupcakes and I opened my gifts!  Aunt Cathy put together a pretty spectacular bow bouquet and hat to match! J
love my Nanie'e backdeck!

My Virginia Beach shower was at my parent’s house and was followed by a crazy bachelorette party thrown by my best friend, Holly!

For the bachelorette party we started in the hotel lobby bar and playing pin the kisses on the man!  Thankfully the place only had one other table at it, and they seemed to be enjoying our classiness!
layered up in the "bachelorette" gear!
We then had dinner and drinks in town center and then went next door to a wine bar.  Turns out my friend Lauren, who had gone to school with the Chef, told him we were coming so he made a full cheese and wine spread for us and keep the champagne coming! 

my bff, Holly!!  Can't wait to load her down with the boas in April... she is now the bride-to-be!

Holly, me and Lauren

my sister and I!
Then the night turned to crazy at the local pub where shots ensued for all!!  Holly nicely planned a short walk and hotel stay for the night to end a perfect evening with the girls!
{So wish we had taken a group photo with all the lovely ladies that came out that night!}
And my last hurrah as a single lady was a bridesmaid’s weekend to the Outerbanks {minus Holly... stupid real world responsibilities}!  The weather was windy but we got in our beach time and spent a great girl’s weekend away!!  {No Vegas trip for this crazy crowd!}
the girl's weekend gang {minus my sister, the photographer!}

I was pretty excited about this gift!

I definitely have amazing friends and family who made our engagement feel so special!

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