Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

Last week my sister and I decided a beach trip to the outerbanks was much overdue, so we packed out bags, she put her husband on daddy-duty with the kids, and we headed down to our family house in Duck on Friday.

Friday's look of the day! 

 Our parents were going down as well to get the house ready for summer so we figured we could work on Simply Style Boutique business (*fun things coming next week*), help with some spring cleaning and work on our tans!
porch coffee with a view always seems so much better!
 Unfortunately the weather-man guessed a bit high on the 80 degree weather forecast but my sister and I were able to grab a beer and chat on the beach before heading to church. 
Emily & Beth coozies
After church we ate at The Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk.  This was our first time there and they had an amazing menu.  After our day of chips and appetizers I wasn’t too hungry so I opted for their Mediterranean Chop House Salad.  It was a large serving size and so delicious!
Sunday we enjoyed the last bit of weekend sunshine and helped put together bunk beds with mom and dad at the beach house before we headed back home.

I slept in the bedroom with the bunk bed overflow...
Now we are back to a week with a dreary looking weather forecast but our house is coming along and we are looking forward to a visit with the electrician this week.

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  1. Can your parents adopt me? We're already sisters, haha. I would love to have a beach house in the OBX.