Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up with the lovely ladies for Five on Friday and talking about my five favorite things this week!
Easter is this Sunday which means a wonderful weekend with family to celebrate.
Thankfully Brandon and my parents choose different days to celebrate so we will be enjoying lunch with Brandon's parents, his brother and his family and Brandon's good friend, his wife Jessica (who has become an amazing friend of mine) and their little one on Saturday. 
Sunday we will head over to my parent's for a day with the family.  There is a certain bunny suit that normally makes an appearance and I can't wait to see my youngest nephew's expression this year now that he is a bit older!!
Last year's family photo!
I have plans for a delicious looking Shaved Asparagus and Goat Cheese Crostini that I am bringing to my parent's on Sunday.
recipe here!
I am not the best in the kitchen but this looks fairly easy!  Brandon may have to taste test before I serve it in public!  
We have scheduled an appointment with the cabinetry company for our new house and I am soo excited. 
We received a Kitchenaid mixer from my best friend and sister as a bridal shower gift and I can not wait to pull that stainless steel beauty out of storage and put it on a beautiful new countertop!
(Storage is my parent's house and I visit our pretty gifts every time we go over.  To say I am eager to be in our new house is an understatement.)
After a crazy few weeks at work I finally had time to clean my work space off!  Hours of filing and purging and I can finally see the desk top again.  A fresh work space may be the best feeling ever!  Monday morning coffee at a clean desk will be so refreshing.
and speaking of coffee.... I am enjoying an early day out of the office this Friday with a cup of coffee at the local starbucks catching up on all you lovely lady's wonderful blogs! :) 
Have a happy Good Friday and a wonderful Easter weekend!!
{Oh and any tips or suggestions on new kitchen cabinets is always appreciated!!  I am putting together a post on what we are thinking (and by we, I mean me... I hope Brandon approves!) for next week}

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