Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The time I looked nothing like the Victoria Secret Model

aka - my epic online shopping fail!

So I am sure some of you have seen the Victoria Secret catalog picture of the girl with the awesome beach cover wrap, kind of looks like a towel with arm hooks?  Well I have had that little beauty pinned to my pinterest board forever and when my sister told me it was on NoMoreRack.com I hopped on over to pick myself up one.  Oh how impatient I was to get this amazing summer staple in the mail (granted it was January...)  Well when it came I ripped that bag open like a kid on Christmas, whipped it out, put it on and then laughed so hard I am surprised I didn't pee myself. 
It was the epitome of an epic fail.  Words can not do it justice, so please follow my photo-montage of me attempting to recreate the V.S. ad...

from: Victoria's Secret

Me rocking the look {i did not rock out the bikini for this little photo-op}

right off the bat the material was a tad bit stretchier than I expected

I looked just as thrilled as the model, right?!
Hot stuff's boobs aren't showing in the ad... this is where we go downhill!
Throwing my hair back as I easily slide this little number over my shoulder... just making sure I am following directions

Yep... something is very wrong!

I will leave you with the final reason why this may end up tucked away in the dark depths of my closet forever

It was a sad day...  I may have to see if I can recreate my own with some less stretchy material (and perhaps a yard less of it!)

Have you ever had a online shopping fail?

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  1. oh my gosh I love this!! I wanted that so bad - but I was going to sew one myself. If it works I'll have to send you one :)