Monday, February 11, 2013

A little baby love

Brandon's brother and his new wife are expecting a little on!  They had an adorable gender reveal back in November when we all got to bite into our cupcakes to reveal the pink icing!  {Brandon's first thought was that was leaving all the baby boy genes for us (gotta love how that man thinks!)}
Well last weekend was another celebration for the baby shower.  Justin and Bethany are naming their little one Tenleigh and boy is she one loved little girl!
I wanted to make my gift for Tenleigh special so I got to work on a homemade baby blanket made. 
Now I can't knit to save my life, and my sewing skills leave much to be desired, but I did my best to make little Tenleigh her own sweet blanket.  I have made blankets for friend's little ones before, so I have a simple pattern down.
I went and picked out some fun, girly fabric to go with her pink nursery.

Kind of obsessed with polka dots lately
And I have to give a shout-out to my mother's amazing sewing skills (the women made her own wedding dress... and my prom gown) She did the dreaded hand stitching part for me! {and let me use her machine.. and taught me the little bit that I do know!}

The baby shower was a great time.  There was a pre-lunch activity of letter decorating for the nursery (Love pinterest ideas put to good use)


I was pretty proud of my chevron-inspired E.  That is until i saw this P

These letters are about 4 inches tall!!  look at the detail. 
Hopefully this was from a relative so Tenleigh has this talent coursing through her!
I was so excited with how much Bethany and Justin loved the baby blanket.  All the ladies gushed over the homemade sweetness! 

Maybe one day my "talent" for sewing will be more evolved than straight stripes!

Now I have the fabric for a little boy blanket sitting by the machine ready to be made for my adorable friend Denise and her little mister #2!!  {I have to admit the patterns that can be found for little boys at the local fabric store had me gushing!!}

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