Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wedding Expos

Last weekend my mother, sister (who is my maid of honor) and my friend/bridesmaid Jana hit up a local bridal expo that was in town.

I got a "Bride" pin to wear!
My sister, mom and I had been to one back in September that was fairly tame and nothing too flashy, but this event on Sunday was a complete 180!  The amount of vendors they fit into the space was incredible;  the amount of people in there at one time was just pure chaos!  I had more cake samples than one person should have in a month (but they were all so delicious!)
Going over the list of what we have arranged for our wedding and what is still left makes me a little nervous.  We have our photographer, my gown, church, Deacon (a very close friend's father will be performing our marriage ceremony{I am not sure if "perform" is the term you use... but we'll go with it}) and reception hall (which has it's own on site catering and is located in a hotel for guests to stay).  I thought we were doing pretty good, but walking through the expo I realized we need a DJ, viedographer, bridesmaid and groomsman attire, cake, florist, transportation (if we want to be fancy!) and still need to finalize my decoration ideas plus whatever else I am not realizing!  I still have plenty of time till September to work on all this, but my goodness... so many choices!
There were also some random booths they had at the expo.  The coolest one we came across was the shop that turned your bouquet into beads!   How neat of idea is that! They had necklaces, bracelets, and even rosary beads {fun fact: original rosary beads were made of rose petals by the nuns, hence the name "rosary" beads}
Someones bouquet as a jewelry set
I am loving this idea as a perfect wedding keepsake!  I may have to put aside some wedding funds to make this happen!  The company is called The Queen and I and they have showrooms in Norfolk and McLean Virginia but take orders from all over.
Would you preserve your jewelry this way? 
Now I have the task of going through all the cards and pamphlets I picked up and see if all the walking (and eating) were worth it!

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