Monday, January 21, 2013

I don't trust mirrors

Oh Clueless!  What an amazing movie! Cher and her friends brought us such memorable life lessons as, Be weary of a crush who dresses better than you, If you have a problem with a teacher (or boss) set them up on a date and all troubles will be solved, and You should always do a few laps around a party before committing to a location.  But the best lesson of all is to never trust mirrors! 
I whole-heartdly believe that Cher from Clueless is the original inventor of the #OOTD. In the nineties, before people word vomited acronyms and hashtags on twitter was a concept, Cher was doing her own OutFit of The Days to get ready for the important things in life, like driving tests and dates with gay classmates!
Now, we have definitely evolved from wiping out our Polaroid to capture these gems, but the concept is still there.
Now I am in no way knocking the OOTD, I am a big fan.  I have laid in bed scrolling through past OOTD's I have taken to decide what to wear in the morning {Partial laziness, Partial it's good to see how it actually looks on me}.
So I pay homage to Alicia Silverstone and the brilliant 90's chick-flick that is Clueless with some of my recent OOTD's!
Sweater and leggings from

Top from Franchesca's
Bow shirt from
cardigan and boots from Target (aka - heaven!)

As you can see, I have a slight obsession with that particular pair of target boots.  But you have to admit... they are kind of perfect!!
(I also admit that I do have a right arm, I just apparently like to hide it sometimes!)

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  1. I love all of your outfits! Those boots look great with everything! Hope you have a good day!