Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday, Friday!!

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{one} No picture to go with this one because my brother is "too cool for pictures"... but he signed an offer on a condo at the oceanfront Thursday.  This is definitely a high for my week (as well as his) because i am his Realtor and if things go as planned, this is my first home sale!!  whoop whoop!!

{two} Dinner out with friends on Wednesday night to celebrate Brandon's buddies birthday!  We went to a hibachi grill.  One of the guys had his 2 year old with him and the look on that little guys face when the chef started chopping and making the big fire bursts was priceless! 
One of the guys diaper bags was the greatest thing I had ever seen.
It's an old fire suit turned into a true "man bag"

{three} for the first time in a while, I was able to truely enjoy a morning.
I grabbed my coffee and planner, caught up on e-mails and just soaked up some quiet time to start my day.  {I may have to start making this a personal priority}
[side note - can we talk about how adorable my new monogram target mug is.  oh how my love for target grows!!]

{four} SNOWWWW!! We have been teased with chances of snow lately, but it's really here in all its glory! 

This area doesn't get snow often, so when it comes, the world shuts down!!  This is what we consider a full on snow storm!  I went to college at Virginia Tech {go hokies!!} in the mountains and it was a true shock when it was snowing there and people still went about there day.

{five} Brandon met me for a mid-day margarita after I met with a mortgage guy to get this ball rolling on building our own home! 

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