Thursday, January 31, 2013

One weekend catch up... before the next begins!

Busy Busy week over here... and with the way the weather has been, it feels like it was 5 months long.  (32 on Sunday, 80 on Wednesday, chance of snow tomorrow?!?)
Last Friday night began with a lovely little snow storm.
I headed home early Friday, through on the comfiest clothes I could get my hands on (aka Brandon's pajama pants and an old sweatshirt) and enjoyed the snow fall!
Saturday began with a trip over to our reception venue.  They were holding a wedding there this past weekend and I wanted to see how it was going to be arranged. 
The venue is normally a restaurant, and can only do weddings in the beach's off season.  I have been there a few times to eat, but wasn't sure how they would arrange the tables for a 200 person reception!
It looked gorgeous, but oh to be the bride that woke up on her wedding day to the beach sand covered in an inch of snow! 
From lunch at the restaurant, I headed over to a pool tournament {think billiards, not swimsuits} for our league team.  Pool was something Brandon had started to play when we lived in Christiansburg and I kind of tagged along until they roped me onto the team too.  When we moved back to the beach area, Brandon found a new team, and eventually I got roped in to playing on this one too.  Love the people we play with though, and while I may be a pretty awful pool player, it's a good time!
Sunday morning my sister and I headed down with her two boys to the outerbanks for a quick little weekend get away.  My cousin and her daughter were down there too, so we had a fun little girls weekend!
After we got settled in and had lunch (love that our beach house is only a hour and half drive away!) we took the kids to the aquarium in Manteo, NC.  They had such a good time staring at all the tanks, and playing with the interactive turtle exhibit {awesome place to take little ones if you are ever down in the outerbanks!}
Here are the pictures I snapped while we were there... (my child photography skills are lacking as you can see!)
Gabriel would have hopped in that tank with the fish if it was open... couldn't get close enough!

Baby Jack Jack!  The fish tanks were a perfect height for him!

Lily thinks she may want to look into a career as a crocodile hunter... didn't end well for the last guy!

Jack had much more important things to do

After we saw every fish, and rescued the turtles (twice) we headed back to the house for appetizers (goat cheese dip I made was yummy if I do say so myself) and dinner!
We stayed the night, spent the morning straightening up and headed back home.  A great little weekend that ended too soon... but only have to get through tomorrow  before it starts again!

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