Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Friday Night Fail

Friday evening I had the brilliant idea to go on an after dinner walk with our dog, Hunter.
Brandon was working so Hunter and I set off alone into the woods behind our new house to let him get out some energy.  It started as a normal walk, I turned on Pandora so Hunter and I could jam out, he sniffed and peed on everything, and we chatted.  We came to a fork in the road and decided to take a left.  I was under the assumption that the path we were on looped back around to the original path and would take us back to the tree line... oh but I was so so wrong.  

The grass started to get taller on the path, the sun was setting a bit quicker than anticipated and then, as we hit an unexpected fork, the Pandora cut out and we were stranded.  Then I heard a rustle in the woods (which I am 110% sure was a giant grizzly bear!)!  Hunter and I picked up the pace (read: full out sprinted) and ran along what I realized was the back end of the property.  I thought we were close to the end of the woods when I ran into the giant piece of machinery.  I called Brandon frantically, thinking he would at least have some idea of where I was and be able to direct me towards civilization... no answer!  Hunter was helpfully stopping every 4 feet to pee on each bush (I imagine this was his Hansel and Gretel version of bread crumbs) so at least they would be able to find our bear-mauled bodies in the daylight.

After a few more wrong turns, dead ends and my loud cursing of country life we found our way to the open field by the road.  Granted we were on the entire opposite side of the 100 acre property, but we made it out alive!

We got back to the house and I gave Hunter a quick once over for ticks and that's when the fun really began!  I rushed him into the bath and spent the next hour of my Friday evening washing a plucking ticks of the poor dog.  I feel like we eradicated the entire tick population of Virginia!

 Brandon was able to get a break from work and call me back... he was a little concerned how I was able to get lost in our own backyard.  Needless to say Sense of Direction is not a quality I list on resumes.

 My bruised ego, and our ticking-hating dog have decided no more walks without Brandon! 

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