Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Blogging!

As we get closer and closer to finishing our new home, I can't wait to be blogging again more!  Katie at Keep Calm and Carry On {love, love, love her blog!!} wrote a great post last week about getting back to blogging and renewing everyone's love of this favorite hobby! 
So here I am!
We have been busy over here with best friend's weddings, house decisions (flooring, cabinets, outlets... oh my), family birthdays, and more weddings to come!  All the hustle and bustle starts to blur together and all the sudden it's June!
I thought I would start back to blogging with a quick
Watching… Playing House on USA.  This show has me laughing out loud over and over again, and of course, wanting to move in with my best friend!
Reading… The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (I am a junkie for these type of books.  All part of my game-plan to rule the world!), and waiting for a copy of Emily Griffin’s new book to come in the mail from my old roommate! Then just give me a beach chair and a few hours!
Listening… Lisa Loeb station on Pandora (I mean, how was I not listening to this all day, every day already?!)
Feeling… overwhelmed!  I am in love with the idea of building our own house, but all the decision making gets crazy! 
Planning… super fun and exciting giveaways at Simply Style Boutique!! ;)
Loving… the warm weather and beach days ahead!  How can you not be happy on these oh so perfect sunny days!
Happy Blogging ladies!

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