Friday, March 8, 2013

High Five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren  at From My Grey Desk for her weekly High Five for Friday!!
I could ramble on past 5, but here is what I am loving!!
I am going to lump last Friday night in with this week's high five, cause it was that awesome!
thank you for a fantastic time Holly!
I got to see my BFF!!!!  for dinner and drinks when I went up to Northern Virginia for the weekend.
I took the metro into the city, all by myself, and met Holly for dinner and drinks at Matchbox (delicious spot if you are ever in DC).  We talked and laughed for hours!  It was so needed and I get so sad when I think about how easy it use to be to drive the mile to her house, and that now, she is living the big life in DC.  We talked weddings (she is my bridesmaid), vacations, work, blogging, cheerleading, house building.. everything and anything.
The rest of the weekend I spent with two other fabulous friends of mine (also bridesmaids!) and their men!  Heather, her husband, Rob and I all crashed for the weekend at Katey and Nick's place.  We took zero pictures, which we discussed immediately after we all got on the road to head home.  Epic fail... but sometimes the chatting and couch lounging gets in the way! 
We spent the weekend exploring Alexandria, shopping and eating... it was perfect!  I have such amazing friends, I don't know how I got so lucky!
The October trip to Pennsylvania (where Rob and Heather live) has already been put into the calendar.  But a trip in between will be scheduled soon enough!
Possible new advertising side job opportunity for me in the near future.  I don't want to jinx it, but I am getting excited... and studying up too!
I think this cold weather funk is behind us.
After of course, a lovely impromptu snow fall Wednesday morning.  But from what the weather man is saying (and he is never wrong, right?) we should be looking at sunny skies and warmer temps... at least through the weekend.
I think I found a bridesmaid dress!! Woo hoo!!! 
the picture can not do this color justice... it is much more green than blue
I saw a dress in a catalog that I just had to see in person!  It finally came this morning and the color is exactly what I was looking for! Planning to have my sister/maid of honor try it on this weekend to see how it looks.  Eekk it is getting close!!
What are you loving about this past week?
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