Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dinner of Champions

With Brandon's crazy fireman work schedule I find myself eating many meals at home, by myself, on the couch and usually with said “meal” consisting of chips and dip (healthy, I know!).  Oh, but I don't mind, chips and dip are by far my favorite…chips and salsa to be more specific.

Beanitos has come out with a great brand of bean chips.  A twist on the traditional corn tortilla, these gluten-free treats are the perfect go-to snack (or dinner).  Not only are the regular Restaurant Style chips delicious, these bean chips come in a variety of chip and puff flavors.  Definitely delicious!

And while I always enjoy my dinner of dip, I am always on the hunt for something a little more adult and a less dorm-style dish. So what are your go to meals when you are cooking for one?  

{*Beanitos was sent to me for review through Influenster but all opinions are my own.}

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  1. this is my life when krieg coaches lacrosse- sometimes i make a smoothie and a piece of toast if I'm feeling really adventurous. Cooking for one is the worst! Just know I'm right there with ya with my chips and salsa haha.