Thursday, January 1, 2015

Well Hello There 2015

We ended 2014 with dinner out with friends followed by a quiet night in ringing in the new year just Brandon and I.  We didn’t have a chance to eat our anniversary cake in September so we celebrated as we waited for the ball to drop and cheersed to the new year looking forward to a fabulous 2015!

I am big on “fresh starts”.  I love the feeling of new adventures.  New school years, new jobs, new houses, new year’s… New has the best mix of anxiety, hope, anticipation and positive perspective that is such a rush.

As we look at a fresh calendar ready to be filled I can’t help but list all the things I want to accomplish. 

So here we go…

-     Create my Space in the Blogging World!: I have dabbled with blogging for a while now but have always wanted more.  This year is where I make my online world what I want it to be, where I learn more and where I grow!!

-     Read Books: I am pretty sure I went through all of 2014 reading just two books (and one may have been a book on tape).  I love the feeling after reading a great book and want that more.

-     Make a Daily Workout Routine: Good posture and strength are my workout goals.

-     Start my Mornings Earlier: The best days start with waking up early and not feeling rushed.  So here is to going to bed early and not hitting the snooze button.

-     Learn Calligraphy: This has always been a “I wish” and I am moving it to the “to do"
 list this year!

-     Get Organized!: I am pretty positive this is the secret to making all of these things happen.  I have always been a fairly organized person but now is a time to overhaul life and make everything more efficient and pretty (of course!)

Here’s looking at you 2015, I am ready for you with bells on!


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