Friday, January 2, 2015

Five on Friday - 2014 Recap Edition

A lot of this year was spent wishing time would go faster, I was so focused on the bigger things ahead, I didn’t take the time to truly appreciate all the great parts of every day.  2015 is my year to slow down and truly be grateful for everything as we go as it leads to all the big things this year has in store.
So for my Five on Friday, it’s time to sit back and remember the best parts of 2014:
1.      Moved In To Our New Home: I am pretty sure I would be happy just listing this 5 times!   The feeling of being settled-in is one of the happiest in the world. 

2.      Celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary: and there is no one I would want to feel more settled with.

3.      Weddings: My best friend and college roommate both married the man of their dreams this year and standing by their sides as they said I do was incredible (and the parties that happened immediately after were pretty great too)!


4.      Work is going great.  This year has really shown me that I have found what I love to do and am so thankful that the opportunity to take on this career fell into my lap at the perfect time.


5.      Vacations, while only quick weekend getaways here and there, were the best.  Between beaches and bachelorette parties, I don’t know which ones I loved the most!
2014, you looked pretty good... but 2015, we are moving on and moving up!!

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