Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Perfect Party Favors

A great little treat for your New Year’s party guests is a perfectly portioned drink!  A great use of mason jars, this a quick and easy party favor will be the best centerpiece on the bar.

To assemble you will need:
-          regular mouthed mason pint jars
-          bakers twine
-          paper straw or stir stick
-          soda in the 7.5 oz “mini cans”
-          an airplane bottle of whatever liquor would be a great mix with the soda
Wrap the twine around your mason jar and knot.  Then, tie the straw to the jar and tie the airplane bottle on top.  Add a bow and slip your soda into the jar! (super simple, right?)
Now all your guests need to do is grab their treat, pour in to the handy mason jar, stir and enjoy! 

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