Thursday, September 11, 2014

My name is Emily and I am a Planner Junkie

A few weeks back, Brandon and I walked into an Office Max to pick up some office supplies.  He mentioned he needed a planner and within 5 minutes of being in the isle he had picked the one he wanted.  I was floored...  I love a new planner, one of the best feelings is cracking the binding on a new year and planning all the greatness ahead.  When I pick a planner I do research.  I read articles, check out reviews, scour blogs for real everyday use tips and tricks, I go a little crazy.  After about a 3 month search I pick my planner and can't wait to start filling it.
 So here we stand in the midst of the search for the perfect 2015 planner and I am staring down some pretty great options. 
 1. Kate Spade - Week planner, simple lines for each day.
2. Emily Ley Simplified Planner - Comes in both Week and Day planner (nice options Emily!)
3. The Day Designer by Whitney English - Daily Planner
 I currently am using The Day Designer for 2014 and I love all the planning aspects and guidance of Whitney's design.  Do I leave comfort of this great planner behind and try something new?
What planner are you looking at for this year?  Am I missing any great options?

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  1. Oh you are a girl after my own heart, I can't live without my planner! I've always wanted to get the Day Designer but I'm too much of a cheapo :/